Sunday, 15 March 2015

Choosing the Best Colors to Suit Each Room

Long gone are the days of painting each room white. Have fun with color schemes and create a space that’s lively while creating a good energy flow.


This is a gathering place for many families, so don’t be afraid to make it bold and vibrant. Bright colors can help add an energetic feel to the space and enhance interaction. Consider bold reds on the walls as that color encourages eating and passion, two things that go well together when it comes to enjoying your food and friends.


Create a space that is an escape from the busyness of the rest of your day. Allow yourself to unwind here. Purple is considered a mystical and spiritual color, so using it on the walls can help you create a sense of Zen. Avoid bright or high contrast colors here as they can inhibit your wind-down period before sleep. Stick to calming tones to allow your mind and spirit to regenerate in the evening and help you sleep more soundly.

Living or Family Room

Neutral colors should play a big part in communal areas such as a living or family room. This is where multiple people need to feel relaxed for long periods of time. If you want to create a soothing space where family members feel comfortable hanging out, as well as opening lines of communication in a peaceful environment, use warm brown and beige tones throughout. You don’t have to go completely neutral, however. You can still add a touch of fun with pops of colors found in vibrant throw pillows, lamps and other accents.

Within each color realm there are hundreds of different shades, so take the time to figure out which is a best fit for you, then have fun painting your house a rainbow.